Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Pre-Played

If you want to be the best, you’ll have to beat the best in this ultimate bass-fishing showdown! Rapala Pro Bass Fishing gives you a chance to compete against the sport’s best pros and top your friends in motion-control fishing action. Reel in trophy catches with incredibly true-to-life mechanics. Compete with friends in real time as you go head-to-head in a full array of fishing and angling contests. See how you stack up against the Rapala pros in more than 20 different tournament events. Use the same gear the pros use and feel like you’re on the big stage with full TV-style presentation, iRapala Pro Bass Fishing –...

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Funky Barn Pre-Played

Life on the farm will never be the same with the bizarre machinery you’ll use in this freewheeling farm simulator! Choose from three scenarios: Build your farm from scratch, work a farm in a challenging location, or put your stamp on a farm that’s gone careening out of control. Pick up fruit or grains with your one-of-a-kind Flying FruitBox-Haybale Copter. Toss sheep into the Shearing Machine, shake cows while they’re eating strawberries to make strawberry milk, and more. Use the GamePad to manage your machinery, interact with your animals, build buildings, and shake fruit off trees. And donFunky Barn –...

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Pikmin 3 Pre-Played

You’ve been sent on a mission to find food and have landed on a planet that’s full of fruit, ripe for exploration, and home to Pikmin! If you haven’t encountered Pikmin before, they’re tiny critters who solve problems by swarming them. Command an army of Pikmin and use them to battle enemies, overcome challenges, and recover fruit. There are six types of Pikmin to command, each with different abilities, including the new Rock Pikmin that can smash through almost anything. Explore the richest, most layered Pikmin world yet. Use the Wii U GamePad to track Pikmin, quickly switch between areas,Pikmin 3 –...

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Wii Fit U Pre-Played

NOTE: Game does not include a Fit Meter with rental. Description Coming SoonWii Fit U –...

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