Touch My Katamari Pre-Played

You’re the Prince of the Cosmos and lately, your dad’s been feeling a little unloved. Create a new batch of stars and remind everyone that the King is the awesomest dude in the universe as the quirky Katamari franchise gets rolling on PS Vita. Create stars by rolling a ball and picking up objects, and watch your ball grow in size as it rolls over more and more stuff. Navigate using the analog sticks or touch screen. In a new twist on play, you can change the size of your Katamari with a quick swipe of the rear touch pad. Squeeze through thin openings or glom onto your next object as a toweriTouch My...

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Smart As Pre-Played

Who are you as Smart As? Find out in this brain-testing challenge for PS Vita! Prove your smarts in 15 activities designed to use the Touch Screen and motion controls of the PS Vita. Test your dexterity in Chain Reaction, practice problem solving in Cube Mania, and show off your knack for analysis in Roller Blocks. The more puzzles you solve, the harder the next challenge gets. See how you stack up on sortable leaderboards designed to show you who you’re as smart as…and who you’ve still got to work to catch up to. Measure your rankings against against friends, nearby players, and players iSmart As –...

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Lumines Electronic Symphony Pre-Played

Lumines is known for taking the average puzzle challenge and turning it into a mezmerising puzzle-solving event. The franchise finds a perfect home on the HD playground of the PS Vita with this free-flowing audio-visual experience that evolves as your playing time grows. Choose from classic D-pad controls, or move and rotate blocks with a few slick swipes of the Touch Screen. Test your skills in Stopwatch or Masters Mode, challenge a friend in Duel Mode, or sink all the way in to Journey Mode. Each time you play, the game spins a hypnotic backdrop powered by tracks from Kascade, the ChemicalLumines: Electronic Symphony –...

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