Killzone Mercenary Pre-Played

Get a new perspective on the Killzone trilogy in this PS Vita-exclusive story where you won’t take a side in the war between the ISA and Helghast, you’ll only take the next job. Play as a ruthless soldier for hire, taking contracts from the ISA and Helghast alike. Gear up for nine intense single-player missions that the regular soldiers can’t – or won’t – touch. The only good is fulfilling your contract – the only evil is anything that stops you from padding that bankroll. Completing missions will unlock replay challenges with added objectives. Use your cash to boost your stats or load out wKillzone: Mercenary –...

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Gravity Rush Pre-Played

Wield power over gravity in this stylized platformer where you’ll literally turn the world on its head. Play as a heroine journeying through a world that threatens to crumble around her in this innovative experience from the creators of Silent Hill. You’ll use your power to control gravity to solve challenges and battle enemies. Ceilings become floors, walls become walkways, and more. Use the gyro sensor to shift gravity’s pull with motion control. Tap the Touch Screens to trigger lightning-quick reactions to the rotating world or dodge oncoming attacks. The story unfolds with the edgy visuaGravity Rush –...

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Little Deviants Pre-Played

Little Deviants is like taking your new toy out for a test drive – that is, if you could drive it through an alien funhouse! See what your new toy can do with this mini-game collection that does its best to let the PS Vita flex its muscles. The Deviants are a free-wheeling, fun-loving bunch who have just crash landed on a planet that’s ripe for zany arcade maneuvers. Round up all the Deviants as you journey through six environments, protecting the Whomans who call the planet home and defeating the undead minions of your robot enemies. Each mini-game is designed with the PS Vita’s controls inLittle Deviants –...

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Dungeon Hunter Alliance Pre-Played

After being murdered by his queen, a king is brought back to life. Now, he must take up arms to see his kingdom reborn in this combat-heavy dungeon crawler. Explore the RPG world of Gothicus, battling fierce creatures on a quest to restore peace to your chaotic realm. Pick up items with a tap of the touch screen, use the rear touch pad to trigger spells, and quickly counter harmful magic attacks with a shake of your PS Vita. As your party grows, so does the challenge. The game increases the difficulty level to match the number of players (up to three more) you take with you.Dungeon Hunter: Alliance –...

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Persona 4 Golden Pre-Played

One of the most acclaimed RPGs of all-time gets recharged for PS Vita! Persona 4 Golden expands the enthralling story of Persona 4 with new features, revamped visuals, new cutscenes, and 50 percent more voiced dialogue. Solve the mystery behind a string of murders that seem to be linked to midnight television. Shape the storyline by forging special social links with other characters, spending your days in the activities of your choosing, and summoning the inner power of your Persona. Use a new Dungeon Rescue feature get help from other players when you’re about to die and play the game withPersona 4 Golden –...

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Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz Pre-Played

The madcap Monkey Ball adventure gets a boost from a new trick – time travel – in Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz! Join AiAi, MeeMee, GonGon, and Baby, and help them roll through over 100 stages of freewheeling fun. Pick your favorite control set-up – Touch Screen or Dual Analog Sticks – and guide your monkey through five worlds, each with their own set of challenges: Jungle, Wood, Metal, Clay, and Cardboard. Snap pictures with your PS Vita camera and use them to create your own stages you can share with friends. The mayhem continues in eight mini-games, including Monkey Target, Number Ball,Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz –...

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